Captives of a civilisational system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to survive. Advertisements

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Do not let children die

Ayşe Çelik was sentenced to one year and three months of imprisonment on a charge of disseminating propaganda in support ofthe PKK for a remark she made in an on-air phone call on Jan. 8, 2016, to the popular TV program, Beyaz Show. On the show, she said: “Do not let children die.”

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War of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.

Anyone who supports the illegal and externally funded/organised political coup being attempted in Venezuela, I can say only this…   They tried this before with Chavez and failed miserably. They got as far as kidnapping him, taking him out of the Central Ministry – but couldn’t kill him in time. As the lyric goes, “The… Continue Reading War of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.

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Empty pocket

How did it feel When it came alive and took you Out of the black It broke it’s skin and shook through Every part of me Every part of you You made a fool out of me and took the skin off my back running So don’t breathe when I talk ’cause you haven’t been… Continue Reading Empty pocket

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