a war of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.

War of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.

Anyone who supports the illegal and externally funded/organised political coup being attempted in Venezuela, I can say only this…   They tried this before with Chavez and failed miserably. They got as far as kidnapping him, taking him out of the Central Ministry – but couldn’t kill him in time. As the lyric goes, “The Revolution will not be televised.” …

So meaningful right now - An empty pocket - mahir sayar puccaso

Empty pocket

How did it feel When it came alive and took you Out of the black It broke it’s skin and shook through Every part of me Every part of you You made a fool out of me and took the skin off my back running So don’t breathe when I talk ’cause you haven’t been spoken to I’ve got a …

Endlessly Passive

To love someone To be loved by someone …can’t even say the name …doesn’t care about yours

At least we know

never loved you, mouth spoke it, fingers typed it, never loved you. Could have, may have, didn’t and ultimately doesn’t; and told you the same. Nothing nice left

Request : a magnetic sphericon

Can somebody please make a video or a project of a magnetic sphericon I believe the magnetic nature and opposing poles built into a shape that constantly changes direction, it may provide the dynamic change required to create electricity from genetic energy