Mentha piperita is a culinary herb used to flavor meats, sweets and drinks.   Mint grows about two feet tall and will bush out if the stem ends are regularly pinched off. Mint has spikes of white to light pink flowers. Mint Characteristics perennial, constantly growing upright, branching stem to 2 feet tall finely toothed opposite leaves leaves and leaf …

Vegan keto canna cookie

Vegan keto canna cookie (almost)

Vegan keto canna cookie (almost) Dry stuffsWet stuffsMethod   This is my keto canna cookie recipe,  I should take a video I know, but yea – let me know if you enjoy!  Dry stuffs             buckwheat flour         1/2 cup coconut flour         1 cup  unbleached course ground whole-wheat …

height war 1

height war

tall people make more money than short people. let the equality height war begin.

master and slave 2019

master and slave 2019

master and slave dude called Hegeldude called Hegel diesThis is what Left and Right is about. dude called Hegel this dude called Hegel had this idea that a master and slave eventually change positions in their relationship. the master takes a slave, punishes, tortures, whatever – gets a kick out of it – then eventually becomes dependant on the kick. …

karma is a bitch if you are


Karma takes a while to kick in sometimes, but when it does, its fucking sweet. Just remember, Karma is only a bitch if you are.  

some visionary millionaire 3

some visionary millionaire

This guy should be shot in the ankles. Both of them, 3 months apart.   Please! Please! Please! Some visionary millionaire fund me to set up a poacher-poaching system in Africa. I’ll give you all the rights, and you can televise it. I want to see this mans family watch me as I shoot and cripple this excuse for a …