Himba The Himba are an ancient #tribe of tall, slender and statuesque herders. Since the 16th century they have lived in scattered settlements, leading a life that has remained unchanged, surviving war and droughts. The tribal structure helps them live in one of the most extreme environments on earth. The Himba are an ancient indigenous… Continue Reading Himba

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The Kazakh

Kazakh The Kazakhs are the descendants of Turkic, Mongolic and Indo-Iranian tribes and Huns that populated the territory between Siberia and the Black Sea. They are a semi-nomadic #people and have roamed the mountains and valleys of western Mongolia with their herds since the 19th century.     Read more at http://tr1bes.com/kazakh

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How mentally strong people use solitude

1. Learn how to appreciate silence. It’s as simple as turning off the outside noise, namely electronics. “Today’s digital world means we have the opportunity to be constantly surrounded by noise,” Morin said. “Our electronics help us stay constantly connected, and it often takes extra effort to find a few quiet minutes each day.” Once you’re comfortable… Continue Reading How mentally strong people use solitude

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