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The Last Of The Mohicans End Scene

Some say to love and lose is better than having never loved at all.

I don’t even know how one would begin to start comparing such things…

No words are necessary, and thus is the power of Love.


The Last Of The Mohicans End Scene Madeleine Stowe Russell Means Jodhi May Wes Studi Daniel Day-Lewis

Music film The Last Mohican-Trevor Jones


This Hitherto unknown stranger 

She picks the flower from the ground, and runs and gives it to him, a single tear running down his face.
He returns years later, and they find each other, in the renewal of their acquaintance, just before he departs, he hands her a dirty rag. Unravelling it, she finds the flower she gave to him in her childhood remembering who this, hitherto unknown, stranger really is.
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hating that you love

hating that you love

It’s been such a long time that I had someone important in my life That I’ve actually forgotten what someone important in my life means

Every time I see her it fucks me up
Because every time I see her I just want to hug her and be close to her
and i want to see that sparkle in her eye, the same sparkle that sets me alight

but I just end up being a bastard to her.
I hate this shit.

i dont even think i love anymore,
because that love, still so strong has made me hate myself
i hurt the person i loved.


and thats why i’m going.

The love of my life
The love of my life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)