Bombs in Istanbul

Bombs in Istanbul 3

The Government of the Republic of Turkey and its official press statement on the Bombs in Istanbul “Something happened” The coverage however, by the rest of the world, in some examples, Turkey’s president Erdoğan has blamed a suicide bomber who entered the country through Syria for an attack on a tourist site in Istanbul that killed 10 peopleRead moreRead more


Hrant Dink

#Hrant Dink

Boyle adami nasil oldurduler..

bazen bu ulkeye, devlete lanet olsun diyorum,
sonra Hrant'i dinliyorum.. ve bu adam inaniyordu..
olabilecegini inaniyordu..
baris olabilecegni inaniyordu..

belki de inandigi icin oldurduler,
belki de korktuklari icin..