Students dig into the Bronze Age

students-dig-into-the-bronze-age tribalism

Students dig into the Bronze Age Temple students Paige Randazzo, Class of 2017, and Marvin Fequiere, Class of 2015, spent their winter break in northern Oman. While there, the pair unearthed the 5,000-year-old skeleton of a child from a stone tomb atop a cliff on the Arabian Peninsula. “It was everything I have ever wanted,”Read moreRead more


Species Disappearing From Earth

Here’s How Fast Different Animals Are Disappearing From #Earth From red pandas to golden-striped salamanders, Earth’s wildlife is in trouble. Many scientists believe our planet is in the early stages of a mass extinction, an event defined by a loss of 75% of species on Earth. It will be the sixth one to occur in theRead moreRead more