i hope you know that there is no Europe

There is no Europe

There IS NO EUROPE. I hope you guys are aware that Europe isnt even really a real continent. Europe is LITERALLY… wait for it… WEST ASIA. YES. Sounda strange hu? There is no land mass separation, no tectonic plate devide, no water that separates anything. Europe, LITERALLY, exists only in the mind of people whoRead moreRead more


Anadolu Turklerin genetik halpogruplari

#Anadolu Turklerin #genetik halpogruplari E1b1b1 = 10.7% (Akdenizli) G = 10.9% (Orta dogu ve Kafkas) I = 5.3% (Orta Avrupa, Bati Kafkas ve Balkan ) J1 = 9% (Dagistan ve Arap) J2 = 24% (Bati Asya, Guney-Dogu Avrupa, Orta ve Guney Asya) K = 4.5% (Asya ve Kafkas) L = 4.2% (Hindistan ve Iran) NRead moreRead more