Vision is a flowing river

Vision is a flowing river 3

A Path of Hope for the Future Keynote address delivered at the 2000 Houston Youth Environmental Leadership Conference, 1/26/00 Yesterday a teenager sent me an email letter in which he said, “I feel cheated that it’s all UP TO ME. By being in the younger generation, I have to save the world before I canRead moreRead more


Thousands Of People Are Willing To Die On Mars

Willing To Die On Mars

WHY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO DIE ON #MARS MORE THAN 200,000 ASPIRING SPACE EXPLORERS VOLUNTEERED FOR A ONE-WAY TRIP TO MARS. ARE THEY INSANE? Editor’s note: Mars One recently narrowed its pool of candidates to 100 people–many of whom we featured in the November 2014 issue (part of which exists here). We’ve reposted thisRead moreRead more