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Cancer update

“What screws things up for us most in #life is the idea of how we think things should be…” This post has been a long time coming. #Cancer #diagnosis update: The last time I wrote a post regarding this, I was going through a #bone #marrow #biopsy to get a 2nd opinion on my cancer #staging. For the last 2 …

The final hour is upon us... I find out my results 2

The final hour is upon us… I find out my results

My results So today, I have come to #learn #results for the first half of my #tests. They had found some #uptake in the #abdomen in the #petct #scan so we did some #skin #biopsies and hopefully, at least my #staging will be sorted tonight! What is interesting though is that, I’m nearly always the youngest waiting for prof. O’ …

Hunger 3


A way of life where people prefer to die from illness rather than from of hunger Which in the prehistoric community hardly ever happened. People didn’t die out for. Starvation. Their hunger and the lack of staple food and a low caring capacity in regions would cause population to plumet, but no one would die of hunger. They just wouldn’t …

The Danger of a Dream - Fear and Danger 12

The Danger of a Dream – Fear and Danger

The Danger of a Dream At that point in their lives, everything is #clear and everything is #possible. They are not afraid to #dream, and to #yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as #time passes, a #mysterious #force begins to convince them that it will be #impossible for them to #realize …

Bone Marrow Biopsy  13

Bone Marrow Biopsy 

So I’m in the hospital, waiting for the local anaesthetic to slowly dissipate. The image you see is a picture of my bone #marrow. I asked the doctor to be sedated however it seemed like that wasn’t an option. #Chechen #bones are very tough and the doctor agreed. The analysis will be done and I will find out in about …