Turkey’s Top Archaeological Sites

Inside Turkey’s Top Archaeological Sites The Dialogue of Civilizations team visited two of #Turkey’s most spectacular archaeological sites this week in between presentations by archaeologists to the public about the five “founding civilizations” around the world. At Göbekli Tepe, Klaus Schmidt showed them around the oldest human-constructed ceremonial site in the world. (Learn more in the June… Continue Reading Turkey’s Top Archaeological Sites

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The Average Black Girl

Ernestine Johnson Performs ‘The Average Black Girl’ on Arsenio Hall Show – ###youtube. Ernestine Johnson kicks off the show with an amazing and moving performance of “The Average Black Girl.” You will get chills from this performance. Booking: [email protected] #website: www.ernestinejohnson.com #twitter: http://tinyurl.com/myn7yhl #facebook: http://tinyurl.com/kr7e4xk #instagram: http://tinyurl.com/kmcwupf

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