Health Facts

Health Facts

Extra virgin olive oil is a fruit juice.

  • It does not undergo any chemical process and it comes from the raw fruit. This why it’s so healthy, and is used in the finest cuisines all over the world.

The Mediterranean nutritional model is based  on olive oil which has offered health & savour for many centuries. It currently occupies an important place in the agenda of the world of healthcare.

  • Vitamin A,D,E and K are the only fat-soluble vitamins thus the importance of fat is clear.
  • Vitamin E found in olive oil has protective effects on tissue, such as liver, the lining of blood vessels, red blood cells, muscle and brain tissue.
  • Olive oil has positive effects on skin, hair health, sexual power, bone and body development.
  • It eases digestion.
  • Monounsaturated fat in olive oil reduces the risk of cancer.
  • It is effective in the treatment of diabetes.
  • When olive oil is used in body massage, it increases blood circulation and carries oxygen to skin tissue.
  • Provides protection against freezing in cold.
  • It is useful on cuts and edema. In case of painful sunburns, rubbing the skin with olive oil can be comforting.
  • It treats muscle cramps.
  • Olive oil is the most efficacious treatment for cracked and dry skin on feet.


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