My first lesson in the Irish Language

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Irish. Maybe because they remind me of my own people, or maybe because they’re the ones who’ve always been at the brunt of English jokes. This obviously makes me believe that they’ve been in the right, more or less of the time.

So, as always I start with SHEIT/WITY and i find some verbs and nouns and learn to create our 3 main sentence types of cases. Accusative, Genitive and Nominal.

I eat food
Ithim bia

I have a bia
Ta bia agum

Tá me bia
I am a good

S sí shi
H sé shey
I sé shey
T sibh shiv
W sinn
I mé may
T sibh shiv
Y tú two

I eat food
Ithim bia

Sheit// eats food
he/it Itheann shey bia
She itheann shi bia

They eat food
itheann siad bia

We eat food

Ithimíd bia we eat
Itheann tú bia you eat

I am food

Ta me bia

Sheit// is food
Ta shi bia she
Ta shey bia he

They eat food
itheann siad bia
Ta siad bia

We are food
Táimid bia

Ithimíd bia we eat
Itheann tú bia you eat

You are food
Ta tú bia

Is mise Puc
I am Puc.

Neila me Alex
I am not Alex.

I have glasses
Ta glonei agum

Ta glonei aige he has
Neil glonei aicí she doesn’t

We have
ta glonie againn (aguen)

Ta bia agaibh (agwiv)

You have
Ta bia agat

Ta teanga againn

Ta teanga diferal aguinn

Ta gloni e diferal aguinn
We have different glasses

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