Hunger 1


A way of life where people prefer to die from illness rather than from of hunger

Which in the prehistoric community hardly ever happened. People didn't die out for. Starvation. Their hunger and the lack of staple food and a low caring capacity in regions would cause population to plumet, but no one would die of hunger. They just wouldn't increase. They wouldn't have offspring - wouldn't have the energy too! No food right?
Where as I'm here

Living in a modern society

Just like all the people I trust have told me do so

Im part of system. Modern. Civilised. Ok? Happy?

Cos I'm fucking not.

Im not angry about the sandwiches..that's not the issue

The issue is caring capacity.

Hunger 2Let getting ready for biopsyHunger 3

I used to hate that, but now I like it. Hunger 4Hunger 5The stuff they are gonna use to biopsy my pelvis. Hunger 6Skin graft from near the groin Hunger 7another angle of the legs Hunger 8scones and jam... With preservatives and colourings and shit?? Hunger 9and chicken and mayo? Like fucking mayo ?

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