homophobe, shmophone, the reason I dislike you is that you are a liar, not because you are a gay liar.
and being completely honest, that wasn’t the first 4 letter words I thought of either. it was cunt, but that is almost the adverb to your adjective. it explains how you lie to people.
funny how some men just wanna involve their cocks in everything.
So really, for everyone else, he’s a c#nt, who gets away with c#ntish behaviour, and no one says anything – because everyone’s afraid of being called a homophobe, possibly risk being outcast, maybe even losing their jobs (they all work together you see)
I have no irrational fears of people.
I’m not obliged to like or follow any group, religion or hocus-pocus for which any ‘guild’ of consorting adults may really be applicable.
be happy to consort, but you aren’t going to fear-jack consent out of me, because as I said,
I have a rational dislike for people who lie and change financial figures to my face and don’t like being called out for it.
note – i said called out for it – 
like – I had just met this dude… If I hadn’t had noticed he was trying to rip people off, I’d be none the wiser, and both of his scandalous business practises and of his sexuality, the latter of which he somehow involved in his own defence.
-conversation with someone at café i goto often here.