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totaliter tarımın ürünü

içtimiz süt ancak hamileyken şagılabilen sütten gelir, her memeli hayvan gibi. inekler daime tecavüz edilerek hamile edilir ki süt üretsinler, 365 gün. sonra hamile kaldıktan sonra, yavruları annelerinden kaçırılır, ve daha yuriyemiyor iken en lezetli et diye satılır afiyetinize.

Burada insanlığının vahşeti söz konusu değil, af ederseniz.

bu totaliter tarımın ürünüdür. hayvanlar bir maldir. dünya nüfusu 8 milyara yaklaşıyor ise inek nüfusu dünyada nerdeyse 40 milyar. yer yüzüne sahip olma hayalimiz dünyayı yaşanmayacak bir yere dönüştürüyor. Bunu yapanda medeniyet. medeni saymadımız, ilkel diye hitap edilen toplumlar, doğadaki komşularınla çok daha barışıklar. evet fil avlarlar ve yerler, ama arada sırada Baboonlar kabiledeki insanların çocuklarını kaçırır. Ama böyle hayvan gibi yaşamak bize laik değil; biz çekmeyiz, biz çektiririz. İnsanlar vahşi değil, Medeniyet adı altında kuralan Totalıtar Toplum mensupları vahşidir. her sabah içtiğmiz süt, eğer kendimiz ellerimizle sağmıyorsak diyelim, bunun tespitidir.



What is the CEO of Aerlingus worth?

Mr Stephen Kavanag, CEO of #Aerlingus, are you worth me losing my job?


Why is it that we can never seem to trust your airline? I have responsibilities. I have a job I just keep. I have obligations I must meet.

I have found out that the flight is delayed from @GOOGLE because your company doesn’t have the decency or economy to provide this information on the screens at this airport.

Now I will miss my bus to cork, but why would you care?

Do you have any thing left from the €1.3 million from 2013?

Bull shit I say.

You should lose your job mate.


Anyone else who wants to contact him can do so.


Telephone +353 818 365 022

the Circassian Vote in Turkey

Happy to see not one RTE supporter in here.

Very wise words all round. He’s a hypocrite. He’s doing to the Syrians and Kurds what our own neighbors did to us centuries ago. The only reason he mentioned Circassians is because our numbers are small. If we were 20m in Turkey like the Kurds, and we wanted to study our language (again, which was allowed at the start of the republic) what then? Still friends and allies? With all respect, Kfar Kama has done for Circassians what Turkey (as a government, not a land)!has never been willing to do. So what then? We need to go beyond these petty regurgitations of these lowest of people. I mean who are they? What do they know? What skill have they mastered but lies and sophistry.

This is unfortunate. They want to rekindle some old nakhshabandi cult once again, at least in Turkey. The religious elite has changed many faces in the last twenty years. But the same dog lies in wait, ready to attack. I assume the ones in Germany are all Turkish born circassians/noxchoy? I can understand that a circassians might want to follow a faith, funny we don’t see many Buddhist Circassians tho (makes you think about how one chooses their religion). As Malcolm X put it, if I may be so bold, house slaves and field slaves. I understand that they feel some reverence for Turkey, but this is not the same. Most of those people who vote him, they are a growing religious faction. And they will use anything… Even their religion to get power.. because they are… Doing it for Islam… Like as if Islam has any needs… Especially from humans?

I hope everyone who votes for him will get teleported to a magic island and never return.

If Turks left Islam, the world would be a better place. My personal opinion.

It’s not the worshipping of Turks. N

or the Jordanians. I think it’s fundamentally grass roots.

Like a horse, who has been told it’s purpose is to run and make money and die if a leg is broke. Does it matter where he runs? No.

Living working 9-5s is not our purpose. Making just enough money in order to continue the same shit everyday is not our purpose.

To bow my head or the kiss someone’s a** or to pretend a religion from the Arab peninsula (well technically all of them) is any more valid than a religion from south America.. or is any more valid to the lifestyle of people who Are from mountain tops.

Circassians in Turkey forget that. They think they’re from xyz… Sivas… Maras..

maybe they are.. and maybe I am just very anti-nationalist when it comes to fascist governments like Turkey.

See. There is a group of anti-zionist Jews in the UK I had the fortune to meet years ago. They have an interest perspective. The reason they’ve been able to maintain they’re existence for 5000 years is because they do – not – have – a – nation.

This is important. We don’t have a nation. Our histoey is not something that can be limited to a few colours on some cloth. It’s more than that. The wolf and owl are experts at their purpose. We used to be too. It’s impossible to remember, there is no on left to remind us. What we make of our Circassia ours. no nation. No citzenship. Passport? Give me a break.

We are from mountain tops. What fucking passport man.

I wrote most of this stuff yesterday on a Facebook post but it was a good brainstorming session. Ive only pasted my content.

Currently in Dublin, will be flying in a few

How to think about Cancer diets

Cancer is a diagnosis. Being vegan is a choice. I had to choose to not be vegan in order to change my diagnosis.

The Chakma (meaning fake) Keto diet with some intermittent fasting, no calory impact limiting, time focused. Sleep is vital.

The keto so that your cancer can't feed on carbs.

The fasting is mainly for autophagy, the 'self-eating' of the body of its own cells.

The sleep is that your body can do all this.. your body rebuilds and repairs in your sleep. If you don't get the sleep, you don't give your body time to actually eat/kill the cancer.

Keep red meat flesh to a minimum.

If you are going to eat RED meat, FIND GOOD MEAT, like Elk or Wild Boar. You just don't want o eat something that has been fed so that it can be sold for a higher price. And meat that doesn't eat other meat. All of this is extra acid your body doesn't need right now. None of that will help you.

Seriously, If you are buying from Tesco's or kipa, or you don't personally know your butcher, I'd stay away from meat flesh itself, my personal choice.

You want the animal fat, and the nutrients in the bones, so broths and soups and stir-frys will help you when you get to using 7/8 drops of the oil =]

So because you are getting your sleep, your body is first breaking away the old broken down structures of your body (autophagy) and reminding, then forcibly assisting certain cells that refuse to die (cancer cells), to commit suicide (apoptosis,)

and as you restricting the time you are eating, your body decides to start supporting you by burning another readily available source, fat.

This also makes it more difficult for your cancer to grow, because most cancers can't feed on fat (a very few do; however.)

Then with this readily metabolised fat, the oils you are using will naturally increase their bioavailability because your body now sees fat as something to use instead of something to store.

The copperized water has its own merits.

Pine pollen, taken as a powder in a juice, has over 100 vitamins. Serious stuff.

Organic Raw cocoa.

Has a very healthy mix of metals.

I wouldn't copperise your water on the same day you have the Raw Cacao.

I cook with organic animal fat, organic beef or Goat fat if I can find it.

I use butter and coconut oil to cook with too.

I use a lot of olive oil but never hear it. Ever!

Heating saturated fats will break down the hydrogen bonds, turning the oil into an unsaturated fat. But as this heating can never really be graded - you either lose all of the saturation or have no idea how much is left. The hydrogen keeps the oil from spoiling inside your body, keeps it fresher for longer. when some of those bonds are broken, by heating up olive oil, for example, you have also created transfats. These are fats that are naturally unsaturated, then saturating them. This normally doesn't really occur in nature- and so your body has no idea what to do with it.  Stay away from this. 

I used 35 grams full extract oil 75/25 thc:cbd mix, over about 50 days alongside a natural high vitamin mix every day during my cancer.

I currently use a drop 1:1 mix of oil everyday, also taking some mycelium extracts too, and use the copperised water too.

I think it's important to be in a positive motivating environment when using the oil. The plant uses the oil to protect itself from what it considers a threat. So when we use it, our subconscious always tries to find some possible danger - even if there is none - so making sure that person is with people they trust, at least for when they first start using it ..especially if they aren't used to the effects of the oil.

The mycelium is whole other topic but one that I will be getting into soon,

but i'm using a 17 mycelium mix from Paul Stamets' website, and would recommend anyone else with cancer to do the same.

For more information about the oils and mycelium, please check out

I honour my promises

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with #cancer. I made a promise never to let my #body and #mind and #heart get back into that shape ever again. .

I honour my #promises


Back to reality

Islanmış serenatım

Ben bir ayyaşım
Sekiz çizer ayaklarım
Özlemişim sarhoşluğunu bu semtin sokaklarının
Gecenin 1′ i
Aptalın biri
Kalbinin dışında bekliyor içeri girmeyi

Şarkıcıyım ben
Müzik kutundayım

Arayıp bulamadığın
O şarkıyım

Yani bence öyle olmalıyım

Bu gece yağmurda,
Camında bi damlayım
Toprak kokusundayım
Islanmış serenatım


Our Schools, Our Prisons, Our Failure

Our Schools, Our Prisons, Our Failure

Our schools are much like our prisons: they disappoint us because they only do what they’re designed to do, and it annoys us that they don’t do something else!


Our prisons are designed to make criminals miserable for as long as they’re there–and their success rate at this is 100 percent! But we don’t see why they can’t make good citizens of their charges while they’re at it. Why not make criminals miserable and rehabilitate them at the same time?

Our schools are designed to produce graduates who are ready to step onto the lowest rung of the workforce. The lowest rung. Why do I stress the lowest rung? Because, consider this. Suppose one year the schools were to make a huge advancement over the past. Suppose one year the schools turned out a graduating class that was ready to step up onto the third rung of the workforce.

the class

Suppose this class was so well trained and knew so much that, on graduation, they were immediately hired to supervise their older brothers and sisters– maybe even their own mothers and fathers!–and naturally at a higher rate of pay! What would you have? Would you expect to hear cheers? I don’t think so! You’d have an uproar, to say the least. You’d have a revolution on your hands! After all, how would you like to have an 18-year-old knowing as much as you, as competent as you–walk into your office and start calling the shots?


Not to worry. This is never, ever going to happen–so long as we continue to keep all our eggs in the school basket–because the schools do their job just the way the prisons do. They have close to a 100% success rate. Almost never is a school graduate ready to start anywhere but at the very bottom of the workforce.

Blockchain. What Is it?

Blockchain. What is it really?

“The rise of decentralization and the ability to have more control over your own personal assets will change that mindset,” he continues. “More and more businesses will be pressured to shift data ownership back to their customers. Those that resist may get left behind.”

As this technology continues to emerge, we’ll continue monitoring it.

via FAQ This! What Is Blockchain?

Woefully Ignorant – Haunani-Kay Trask Magic

“You caller, need to learn about Hawaiian history and about where you are.” Throwback Thursday: In 1990 Kumu Haunani-Kay Trask was featured on an episode of Island Issues discussing racism in Hawai’i. Here she responds to one of many “woefully ignorant” callers.

Haunani-Kay Trask (born October 3, 1949) is an American-born academic, activist, documentarist and writer. Of Native Hawaiian descent, Trask is a professor of Hawaiian Studies with the Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and has represented Native Hawaiians in the United Nations and various other global forums. She is the author of several books of poetry and nonfiction.

There is the virtually unknown story of Hawaii and the hidden Genocide being committed by the American government with the use of ‘blood quantum’ for the purpose of eliminating the Hawaiian national; and the reason America does this? Because according to their own laws, America never lawfully annexed Hawaii*, therefore according to law Hawaii never became a state, and if the Hawaiian land was never lawfully annexed, the only true claimant to the land is the Hawaiian national. “Nichols O’Keefe ”

The people of the United States find themselves in such a position right now, forced to choose between a moral and ethical position that carries with it the potential for “inconvenience”, or supporting the status quo and having to admit to themselves that they are not the champions of justice they imagine themselves to be. By the end of this article, you will know for yourself which one you are.

Most folks have heard that Hawaii is a state, one of the United States of America. Most people, including those who live in Hawaii, accept that statement as a fact.

But the reality is that in a world in which nations are as bound by the rule of laws as are the citizens of nations (if not more so), the truth is quite different!

The truth is that each and every step along Hawaii’s path from the sovereign and independent nation, to annexed territory, to state, was done in violation of laws and treaties then in effect, without regard to the wishes of the Hawaiian people. Many people, including President Grover Cleveland, opposed the annexation of Hawaii.


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