My Magic Island

People will sometimes accuse me of being in love with tribalism, and I often hear them say, “If you love it so much, why don’t you just go leave everything and go to your magical island?” Those who understand me in this way totally misunderstand what I’m saying. The tribal lifestyle isn’t precious because it’s beautiful or lovable or because …

Chat With Daniel Quinn

Life at the End of Empire

Transcript of Lycos Live Chat With Daniel Quinn: 11/21/01 Moderator: Howdy folks. For those of you just joining us…tonight we will be chatting with Mr. Controversy himself, author Daniel Quinn. Hi Daniel, welcome to Lycos Live Events! How’s it going? Quinn: Oh, it’s going very well! seigelord: Mr. Quinn, in The Story of B, you say that the world will …

Has human evolution stopped

reality 101 - mahir sayar txaqo has human evolution stopped puccaso

Has human evolution stopped? Human evolution stopping? Wrong, wrong, wrong. An essay Daniel wrote relating some content in Ishmael to information in this headlined article by another author. (5/8/2012) Paleoanthropologist John Hawks has plenty of qualifications for his statement that human evolution is not stopping–or has stopped (as I asserted in Ishmael). He is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the …

Reaching for the Future

Reaching for the Future

In their “Warning to Humanity,” they say: “We must stabilize population,”

The Human Future: A Problem in Design

The Human Future - A Problem in Design mahir sayar txaqo

Everyone nowadays is more or less aware that what we see around us in the world of nature is the result of a design process called evolution

Technology, the Other War

Technology & the Other War mahir sayar puccaso

Technology, the Other War Address by Daniel Quinn at Student Pugwash “Technologies of Peace” Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, 1997 I’m not going to talk long here because it’s been my experience that people who’ve read my books always come loaded with questions that are always much more relevant to them than anything I could dream up to say in advance. …

Tribal Law

tribal law the law of life puccaso

You find yourself in the unhappy circumstance of being attracted to your second cousin’s wife, Gurtina—and of knowing that she is attracted to you. Now, your second cousin is a fine fellow, and you wouldn’t intentionally hurt him, but these things happen: You and his wife are possessed by the love madness. It’s really very touching and pathetic. Living in …

A Path of Hope for the Future

 Hope for the Future Keynote address delivered at the 2000 Houston Youth Environmental Leadership Conference, 1/26/00 Yesterday a teenager sent me an email letter in which he said, “I feel cheated that it’s all UP TO ME. By being in the younger generation, I have to save the world before I can even begin to think of building a life …