Madness of Social acceptance

“If [we] had the intention to kill civilians, we would have started doing it from Cihangir, Nisantasi, Etiler, Right? I mean there are lots of traitors, there is the Turkish parliament.”

22 – Adam and Eve: Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death

Lecture 4 in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories lecture series I turned my attention in this lecture to the older of the two creation accounts in Genesis: the story of Adam and Eve. In its few short paragraphs, it covers: the emergence of human self-consciousness; mankind’s attendant realization of vulnerability, mortality, and death; the origin of the capacity …

05 – The Psychology of Redemption

A TVO Big Ideas Lecture from 2012, presented at INPM’s Conference on Personal Meaning. It discusses the idea of redemption in Christianity from a psychological perspective, comparing in part to ideas of transformation in psychotherapy., Dr Peterson’s Patreon […]

Urban Dictionary wipes offensive and racist definitions for ‘aboriginal’

Urban Dictionary has made its name through user-submitted definitions, explaining words which normal dictionaries don’t. While this freedom allows the site’s users to explain the most vulgar of slang, it’s opened the doors for egregiously racist and discriminatory definitions of regular words. SEE ALSO: Hey, tech CEOs: Fighting racism isn’t just right, it’s also good business As reported by Junkee, …

Electrofishing for Whales

Electrofishing for Whales I used to work on a fisheries crew where we would use an electro-fisher backpack to momentarily stun small fish (30 – 100 mm length) so we could scoop them up with nets to identify and measure them. The larger fish tended to be stunned for slightly longer because of their larger surface area but I don’t …

Microwave Chocolate Pudding from Scratch

Yes folks, it’s here! The homemade pudding from scratch that takes only a few minutes of your time and without a single scorched pot! You will either love me or hate me for this. It’s that easy. Continue reading “Microwave Chocolate Pudding from Scratch” &raquo […]

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes were one of the first recipes I became obsessed with perfecting. To me, the ideal chocolate cupcake is moist with a deep chocolate flavor. The recipe also should produce exactly one dozen cupcakes in a standard muffin tin, no more and no less. Continue reading “Double Chocolate Cupcakes” &raquo […]