Ice – Extended – now on Musicoin!

  So last year, October 2016 in fact, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I got the all clear February 9th, 2017. Cannabis Oil saved my life. I wrote this while dealing with my treatment. Would love to know your thoughts. Mahir

Doom Track – Mahir Music

doom track - En Az – Grime Instrumental 140bpm   via Doom Track – Grime Instrumental – 140 Bmp by Mahir | Mahir Sayar Txaqo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

m2 EP

m2 EP mahir sayar txaqo

The Music that came out of me, while my body was fighting cancer in 2016.

Bir Ay Dogar – Piano Cover

Bir Ay Dogar - Piano Cover

Bir Ay Dogar, Piano Cover by Mahir Sayar Txaqo.     Check out more videos on my facebook