How to think about Cancer diets

Cancer is a diagnosis. Being vegan is a choice. I had to choose to not be vegan in order to change my diagnosis.

The Chakma (meaning fake) Keto diet with some intermittent fasting, no calory impact limiting, time focused. Sleep is vital.

The keto so that your cancer can't feed on carbs.

The fasting is mainly for autophagy, the 'self-eating' of the body of its own cells.

The sleep is that your body can do all this.. your body rebuilds and repairs in your sleep. If you don't get the sleep, you don't give your body time to actually eat/kill the cancer.

Keep red meat flesh to a minimum.

If you are going to eat RED meat, FIND GOOD MEAT, like Elk or Wild Boar. You just don't want o eat something that has been fed so that it can be sold for a higher price. And meat that doesn't eat other meat. All of this is extra acid your body doesn't need right now. None of that will help you.

Seriously, If you are buying from Tesco's or kipa, or you don't personally know your butcher, I'd stay away from meat flesh itself, my personal choice.

You want the animal fat, and the nutrients in the bones, so broths and soups and stir-frys will help you when you get to using 7/8 drops of the oil =]

So because you are getting your sleep, your body is first breaking away the old broken down structures of your body (autophagy) and reminding, then forcibly assisting certain cells that refuse to die (cancer cells), to commit suicide (apoptosis,)

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and as you restricting the time you are eating, your body decides to start supporting you by burning another readily available source, fat.

This also makes it more difficult for your cancer to grow, because most cancers can't feed on fat (a very few do; however.)

Then with this readily metabolised fat, the oils you are using will naturally increase their bioavailability because your body now sees fat as something to use instead of something to store.

The copperized water has its own merits.

Pine pollen, taken as a powder in a juice, has over 100 vitamins. Serious stuff.

Organic Raw cocoa.

Has a very healthy mix of metals.

I wouldn't copperise your water on the same day you have the Raw Cacao.

I cook with organic animal fat, organic beef or Goat fat if I can find it.

I use butter and coconut oil to cook with too.

I use a lot of olive oil but never hear it. Ever!

Heating saturated fats will break down the hydrogen bonds, turning the oil into an unsaturated fat. But as this heating can never really be graded - you either lose all of the saturation or have no idea how much is left. The hydrogen keeps the oil from spoiling inside your body, keeps it fresher for longer. when some of those bonds are broken, by heating up olive oil, for example, you have also created transfats. These are fats that are naturally unsaturated, then saturating them. This normally doesn't really occur in nature- and so your body has no idea what to do with it.  Stay away from this. 

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I used 35 grams full extract oil 75/25 thc:cbd mix, over about 50 days alongside a natural high vitamin mix every day during my cancer.

I currently use a drop 1:1 mix of oil everyday, also taking some mycelium extracts too, and use the copperised water too.

I think it's important to be in a positive motivating environment when using the oil. The plant uses the oil to protect itself from what it considers a threat. So when we use it, our subconscious always tries to find some possible danger - even if there is none - so making sure that person is with people they trust, at least for when they first start using it ..especially if they aren't used to the effects of the oil.

The mycelium is whole other topic but one that I will be getting into soon,

but i'm using a 17 mycelium mix from Paul Stamets' website, and would recommend anyone else with cancer to do the same.

For more information about the oils and mycelium, please check out