A Sinking Ship

“The ship was sinking—and sinking fast. The captain told the passengers and crew, “We’ve got to get the lifeboats in the water right away.” But the crew said, “First we have to end capitalist oppression of the working class. Then we’ll take care of the lifeboats.” Gemi batıyordu– ve hızla batıyordu.Kaptan yolcu ve mürettebata dedi… Continue Reading A Sinking Ship

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Seeing beyond

He said that I have already covered seeing beyond, there is also such a thing as hearing beyond. When I asked what, he said, “Music.” He continued, “Just like music, there’s something else that you can’t see with your eyes. Something, that is inside you. Something the civilisation has taken away.” I said, “I thought… Continue Reading Seeing beyond

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Herr Mannelig

Swedish Bittida en morgon innan solen upprann Innan foglarna började sjunga Bergatrollet friade till fager ungersven Hon hade en falskeliger tunga Herr Mannelig herr Mannelig trolofven i mig För det jag bjuder så gerna I kunnen väl svara endast ja eller nej Om I viljen eller ej: Eder vill jag gifva de gångare tolf Som… Continue Reading Herr Mannelig

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