happy birthday janset mahir

happy birthday janset

Happy Birthday Bum x   Advertisements

height war 1

height war

tall people make more money than short people. https://www.jstor.org/ let the equality height war begin.

master and slave 2019

master and slave this dude called Hegel had this idea that a master and slave eventually change positions in their relationship. the master takes a slave, punishes, tortures, whatever – gets a kick out of it – then eventually becomes dependant on the kick. Now when the slave gets a hold of this idea, that the master ‘needs’ them, the …


The internet has made concealing the lies and distruths of our former generations even more difficult, yet even more necessary.

karma is a bitch if you are


Karma takes a while to kick in sometimes, but when it does, its fucking sweet. Just remember, Karma is only a bitch if you are.  

Ronin Beat

Ronin Beat – 140 pm – Instrumental – mahir reworks

some visionary millionaire 7

some visionary millionaire

This guy should be shot in the ankles. Both of them, 3 months apart.   Please! Please! Please! Some visionary millionaire fund me to set up a poacher-poaching system in Africa. I’ll give you all the rights, and you can televise it. I want to see this mans family watch me as I shoot and cripple this excuse for a …