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Remember those changes? > is now live. < this site – will just be for my own personal projects. > business and investment ventures > more soon.

Moving my ROOT to SSD on my RPI4

I play around with my RPI a lot, but always end up with /root on an SSD. super performance!   ROOT on an SSD rocks. sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 -L root sudo mkdir /media/newdrive sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/newdrive sudo rsync -avx –progress / /media/newdrive sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt Then into the cmdline.txt put root=/dev_/sda1 rootfs_type=ext4 root_wait (remove […]

Kenevir Yağı nasıl yapılır?

Kenevir Yağı tarifi: Verimli bir kenevir yağı yapmak icin, en az 30 gram kuru kenevirle başlamalısınız. Bu miktardan ortalama 3-4 gram yağ elde edilebilir, fakat bu miktar kenevir türünden türüne değişiklik göstermektedir. 500 gram kuru ham maddeden ortalama 50 gram yüksek kaliteli yağ üretebilirsiniz. Tamamen kuru ‘tıbbi kenevir’ materyali bir onceden, 24 saat buzlukta bekletin, […]


Children don’t have to be motivated to learn everything they can about the world they inhabit, they’re absolutely driven to learn it. In contrast to our own taker/totalitarian agriculturalist societies, by the onset of puberty, children in aboriginal societies have unfailingly learned everything they need to function as adults.

Wrath of children

I remember. I remember reading about you. Reading about how the wrath of God will manifest in rage, confusion and chaos of children who didn’t know their fathers. It’s not actually about the individual. It’s not about the religion, nor the family unit per se. They, in contrast, are more related to an origin story. […]

Neo, the Architect, and Smith.

Remember the dialogue with the Architect, “You have many questions, and although the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human.” So *something* about the whole meeting the Architect process *has* changed Neo, but not enough to make him non-human anymore.. 2:50 – then – Neo plugs into the Matrix, Smith ‘hacks him’ while […]

Altintepe Gülü

“I hope your manager is as patient with you as she is with this old lady”, I said. a meaningful pause; “I think you can understand what I meant from my eyes”, she replied. I knew.   Deniz and Mahir at Altintepe.

THC rewrites your brain

Remember, THC effects serotonin regulation. So one way or another, the more your body becomes acustomised to the regulated amount and form of serotonin, then your mood and senses also become acclimatised to those same changes. Though the direct affects of THC on your CB1 receptors will start to reduce after some hours, your up-regulated […]