Dan Dennett at his best. 

In this interview with Bill Moyers, Dan Dennett delivers a sharp and clear synthesis of a library of evolutionary, anthropological and psychological research on the origin and spread of religion. Composer John Adams  http://bit.ly/Us4NWp Mythologist Joseph Campbell  http://bit.ly/1epLzuo Dan Dennett @ wikipedia  http://bit.ly/1aUcBro The Clergy Project  http://clergyproject.org/

The first week at Apple

The first week at Apple is over. It’s hard core, these guys, or rather us guys, we learn a lot in order to assist those who use Apple products. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked for a company that makes you feel part of the team, dare I say it even, the Family. Move the stones.

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So I will wake up and I will get ready and I will start my new job. I think the nerves and the excitement of got to me, because I’m finding it difficult to sleep now. I have so much to do in the following three months, I have to finish security course, I have to apply for a masters, …

Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed – YouTube

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telefon numara

yahu telefon numarası ve namus arasında nezaman bir bağ oluştu? birisie numaranı verirsin ne sebeb ile namussus oluyoruz, yada istersen numrasını nasılda oluyorda sanki soyun göreyim seni demiş gibi bakıyor insanlar. ben de mi sorun, anlayamadım..


So.. It now I’m off to Cork. I think I’ve been to every corner of Ireland in the last month to only end up where I started. #santiago #alchemist

The White Mutation

mutation law of life children ready for school

So obviously I need to do more studying topic, however, I wonder if my hypothesis would stand water Man originated is what we would call black men, and after certain survival advantages of a mutation that removed the melanin from the skin, what know as white man started to increase in population.