Moving 10th of May

OK so I now have a place to live. Hopefully the internet will get connected by the 14th and I can start to relax a little in #dundalk


Doubt is a mechanism of the thinking faculty. When you make it a sin to doubt, you make it a crime to question things.

On the way to Dundalk

Still house hunting How crazy is this In my own defence, the student population of Ireland will half at the end of May, and I’m obliged to look for and find a house at the start of May… Yayh.

This Hitherto unknown stranger 

She picks the flower from the ground, and runs and gives it to him, a single tear running down his face. He returns years later, and they find each other, in the renewal of their acquaintance, just before he departs, he hands her a dirty rag. Unravelling it, she finds the flower she gave to him in her childhood remembering …

Convo #23

Girl says, “hey, look at this pic of of me when i was younger.” Guy says, “every picture is of us when we were younger.”