Mac tool vulnerability exposes lots of apps to man-in-the-middle attacks

Mac tool vulnerability exposes lots of apps to man-in-the-middle attacks A security specialist has discovered a flaw in Sparkle, a third-party framework that Mac apps use to receive updates, which makes a man in the middle attack possible when unencrypted HTTP connections are used. If the attacker has the ability to intercept the unencrypted data stream for example on a public …

CEH Qualification

Right so, i’m starting a CEH course… will take about 3 months, or around 80 hours with loads of time to really work on it. wish me success.  

my dreams

these recents dreams are a bit different i am in my old house, with the extra hut in the massive garden. and im secretly seeing a girl, whos actually living in that house now, the one i moved out from. i dont know, thats all i remember so far but its a bit crazy  

Lessons from a Shaman – Anlaranlamaz

A Powerful Habit I Learned From A Shaman A few years ago, a shaman in Honduras taught me an extremely useful technique to dissolve stress and anxiety. It’s had a pretty profound effect on my life and today I’d like to share it with you. Like much of the healing wisdom that comes from native cultures, this teaching began with …

Al Ruzgar – A Red Wind – Painting

Al Ruzgar - A Red Wind - Mahir Artwork

her rüzgar ateş söndürmez bazen rugzar ateşi alevlendirir yeter ki ateş beslensin her rüzgardan kaçmamalı rüzgar bazen yelkenleri canlandırır gidemediğin yönde seni itikler yeterki bir yere varmak iste her rüzgar üşütmez rüzgar zaman zaman sıcak eser fırtına öncesi o sıcak rüzgar gelecek tehlikenin doğanın verdiği uyarısıdır bazende rüzgarın alevlendirdiği ateşlere kaçarız sonra yanarız bazende yandıktan sonra rüzgara doğru kaçmak gerek