Thousands Of People Are Willing To Die On Mars

Willing To Die On Mars

WHY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO DIE ON #MARS MORE THAN 200,000 ASPIRING SPACE EXPLORERS VOLUNTEERED FOR A ONE-WAY TRIP TO MARS. ARE THEY INSANE? Editor’s note: Mars One recently narrowed its pool of candidates to 100 people–many of whom we featured in the November 2014 issue (part of which exists here). We’ve reposted thisRead moreRead more


what age are children ready for school?

mutation law of life children ready for school

When are children “ready” for school? There is much debate about when the transition between play-based pre-school and the start of “formal” schooling should begin. The trend in the UK primary school curriculum over recent decades has been towards an earlier start to formal instruction, and an erosion of learning through play. But the evidenceRead moreRead more